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Q Q  776 775 829  销--售-兼-职信息。少妇,学生妹  良家,性息  服务给力,安全可靠

Q Q  776 775 829  销--售-兼-职信息。少妇,学生妹  良家,性息  服务给力,安全可靠

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Is it like sex with Kama Sutra positions, mandalas on the walls, Indian music and incense? I asked.
Masha, as I said, is more than seven years older than my wife and I. But despite her age, she looks very good. The figure is athletic and its moderate fullness does not stand out since she has a large growth. She takes care of herself and in addition to sports, she also practices yoga and oriental dances. She spends a lot of money for her beauty and this is the basis of quarrels between me and my wife, as she reminds me that I do not allow spending money on aesthetics.
“Imagine, Slava, I fucked Vika the same day, she built everything out of herself, you know, but in fact there was a virgin,” Ivan began his story. - We went to that place, at the beginning of the city, you remember I said that I saw that our friend Vitka was fucking some kind of whore there every week. It's really a no-nonsense place. And in the end, she herself offered a blowjob, and then I was already between her legs. Uff, I will repeat soon, - Ivan finished his story.
My God! What an ass he has! I turned around and saw that the same brunette and another girl in a blue dress were touching my ass. Do you mind, sweetie, that the girls touch you a little?
yes - are you afraid? Vera said flirtingly ...
Then Sashka raised his eyes, which were completely drunk from all this action, he was tormented, and his eyes almost begged me. Looking into his eyes, I gave a short nod.
Feeling that I was excited, I decided to put Anyuta on her knees on a chair, but she said “wait” and ran into the room. As it turned out, she ran for a condom, lubricant and a pillow. I decided that we would just swap with her, she would stand on a pillow, and I would enter her from behind, as she had previously entered me, but I did not guess. Anya deftly removed the remaining glasses from the table, put a pillow on the edge of the table, for some reason made the kitchen light brighter and gave me a condom. While I was opening it and putting it on my penis, Anya stood with her back to me and injected her lubricated fingers into herself, developing her ass. I finished with the rubber, she turned to me, hugged me and whispered:

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